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Our mission is to build products that helps the chess community in fulfilling the needs and requirements of modern day chessplayers, we already have three products in production, a chess tournament assistent, a system for managing team tournaments, and finally a product that assists clubs, organizers and national federations keeping tacck of membership, services, mailinglists, billing and so on.

Our current systems are all danish in language and nature, but we are working hard modifying them so they are translated to first and foremost english, and are able of handling regional differences in regulations, rating systems and the like.

Click on the links below to experience a live running version of all three products

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Freelance consultancy

We still offer our consultancy service, main expertices are:
  • Backend programming, C#, C++, Java and occasionally PHP
  • Frontend programming, Javascript, JQuery, React, Angular
  • Websites: Html, CSS
  • Tools: Visual studio, Atom, Less, Webpack, NPM, Resharper, Sysinternals, Fiddler etc.
  • VCS: Git, SVN, TFS, CVS
Download CV (danish)